How can I place my hair order?

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Update time : 2018-03-30 15:22:24

Our website only for showing products and accept inquiry, you can't place order through website, because wholesale price change according to the quantity, so we use email or Imessage or whatsapp to accept order.

1) Your purchasing list is confirm.

You can send us the list you want to buy by email or whatsapp, just write down the texture, length and quantity you want. As long as we can understand is OK.

2) Quote you the total price.

We will make a quotation sheet for you when we get the list.

3) The Paypal invoice will be sent to your email or we will sent the paypal payment link to your whatsapp or imessage.

You can also pay by Western Union .

4) When we get payment from Paypal, we will send your hair order out.

Please check your shipping address carefully before you pay.